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    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning

    Augmented Reality

    Cloud Based


    Voice Recognition

Smart glasses AR healthcare software

Augmented reality solution for the modern healthcare professional


  • Voice activated
    • Via a virtual assistant
  • Patient chart scan
    • Character/ QR/ barcode scanning and recognition feature for fast information processing and retrieval
  • Checklists
    • Utilize checklists to make sure you didn’t miss a thing when conducting check-ups or diagnosis/ analysis procedures
  • Transcribe notes in real time
    • Via a voice-to-text feature
  • Transcribe notes in real time
    • Via a voice-to-text feature
    • Cut time spent on administrative work by an average 23%
  • Place virtual markers/ pointers to denote areas of concern or for later recall purposes
  • Front facing camera to easily capture pictures & videos for visual documentation
  • Medical guides and information displayed in front of your eyes
    • With text, pictures or videos
  • Endoscopic camera compatible
    • Ability to view those hard to see places
  • Video help – allows you to stream to a remote individual who can assist in your practice
    • The remote individual can receive or share information with the healthcare professional
    • The remote individual can draw in the streaming video to draw attention to particular areas

Make It Yours

    Our software is highly adaptable for your business. Our staff is highly skilled in custom software development so we can fit your specific business needs and work together to accomplish your business goals.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cloud Based
  • Multiplatform
  • Voice Recognition

Why Augmented Reality?

    More and more hospitals and medical practices are adapting augmented reality due to its massive potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is practiced. This software can cut down on the non-value adding but necessary job functions such as travel, since the best specialists can now use AR technology to diagnose symptoms remotely from around the globe. It can also cut down the tedious administrative work doctors hate to do, or assist healthcare professionals in various type of procedures and lower the risk for liability by providing tools that reduce human error and thus lower medical errors, these and many other benefits are the reason augmented reality is the next great step in healthcare innovation. Today augmented reality leaves organizations faced with a choice, adapt and prosper or get left behind, only to play catch-up when the industry is so far ahead of them, it's up to the visionary decision makers to make the choice now. We believe all healthcare facilities should have access to this technology and we are willing to work with them to make that happen. Real-world application is our primary goal and we would love to contribute to your AR strategy.

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Our company is based out of the SF Bay Area, CA and we have been working on the cutting edge of software and technology for decades in the hub of technological innovation. Our extensive multitude of experience and accumulated knowledge have allowed us to become experts in this area of software solutions.

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