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Business Project Management

Business process management provides a process overview across all systems, including accounting, human resources and other existing systems. BPM allows the documentation of key business processes to meet regulatory requirements and allow ease of audits. By implementing BPM organizations are able to automate key business processes.
The use of BPM benefits customers, staff and partners of the organizations.

BPM tools allow your business to

  • vision - strategize functions and processes
  • define - baseline the process or the process improvement
  • model - simulate the change to the process
  • analyze - compare the various simulations to determine an optimal improvement
  • improve - select and implement the improvement
  • control - deploy this implementation and by use of user-defined dashboards monitor the improvement in real time and feed the performance information back into the simulation model in preparation for the next improvement iteration
  • re-engineer - revamp the processes from scratch for better results

BPMN 2.0 Specification

  • Enabling the exchange of business process models and their diagram layouts among process modeling tools to preserve semantic integrity
  • Expand BPMN to allow model orchestrations and choreographies as stand-alone or integrated models
  • Support the display and interchange of different perspectives on a model that allow a user to focus on specific concerns
  • Improved Tasks / Subprocesses
    • Event-Subprocess
    • Sequential Multi-Instance Activity
    • Business Rule Task
    • Service Task
    • Use task
    • Manual Task
    • Script Task

Other BPM Vendors

  • AG BPM Suite
  • Oracle BPM Suite
  • Open Source / Free Licenses
  • Latest technologies which are absent in other vendors' solutions
  • Easy and agile for customization and upgrades
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SAP Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces administrative tasks, which increases customer care time and focus
  • Increases staff productivity by allowing them to focus on high value workload
  • Improves organizational efficiency by identifying unnecessary waste points
  • Verification process improves accuracy and reduces the risk of human error
  • Enhanced process visibility to identify areas of concern

BPM addresses many of the critical IT issues underpinning these business drivers, including:

  • Managing end-to-end, customer-facing processes
  • Consolidating data and increasing visibility into and access to associated data and information
  • Increasing the flexibility and functionality of current infrastructure and data
  • Integrating with existing systems and leveraging Service Oriented Architecture (SOAs)
  • Establishing a common language for business-IT alignment

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