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    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning

    Augmented Reality

    Cloud Based


    Voice Recognition

Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Support

Multiple Repairs - Same Technology


  • Lookup and Scan
    • Look up VIN & other information by scanning images
  • Voice Recognition
    • Make notes and record concerns by speaking
    • Give commands for intuitive hands-free operation
  • Repair and Service Procedures
    • Step-by-step repair instructions with diagrams, pictures and videos
  • Inspections & Checklists
  • Find and Report Concerns
  • Video Conference with Support Team
  • Create New Repair Procedures on the Fly and Use Them Later

Make It Yours

    Our software is highly adaptable for your business. Our staff is highly skilled in custom software development so we can fit your specific business needs and work together to accomplish your business goals.

    Ask us about how using this technology you can:
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve service quality
  • Increase speed of service, repair or maintenance
  • Maximize efficiency and revenue
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Document and store past service job information
  • Create valuable repository of organizational technical knowledge

Why Augmented Reality?

    As machinery such as medical instruments, power generation equipment and transportation become more and more technologically advanced, AR becomes more valuable as a tool to service & repair this complex equipment. Using AR technology is more cost effective since it allows even a person with rudimentary knowledge of service & repair to follow the step-by-step process that’s laid out in the software, which guides the technician through the procedure and saves as much as 34% in time by placing the information right in front of the their eyes. It cuts down on travel time since specialists don’t have to leave their offices, and can now conduct servicing operations right from their desks, supervising numerous junior or client-side technicians via “See-What-I-See” video streaming capability. The most functional application of AR is one that works using smart glasses technology, since service professionals have access to all the information they need while having both hands free to do the repair work.

About Us

Our company is based out of the SF Bay Area, CA and we have been working on the cutting edge of software and technology for decades in the hub of technological innovation. We have also been involved in the automotive repair industry for many years and have carved out a nice niche for ourselves developing software in this automotive space. Our extensive multitude of experience and accumulated knowledge have allowed us to become experts in this area of mechanical service, repair and maintenance.

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