Software Solutions

We offer the following solutions as deliverables, already developed by us and successfully attested to by our customers. These solutions could be easily adjusted and implemented for your needs. In this area we have experience to make a product for the best in the industry without being expensive.
Business Process Management Solution
Business process management provides a process overview across all systems, including accounting, human resources and other existing systems. Our Solution is different in
  • Open Source / Free Licenses
  • Latest technologies which are absent in other vendors' solutions
  • Easy and agile for customization and upgrades
eMarket / eBay-like online portal
The website portal is an analog of eBay with a more narrow and specific market place. It provides the full package of features and services which enable customers to buy and sell their products.
  • Dynamic Content. Ratings of products and customers' feedback.
  • Different types of seller and buyer accounts
  • Presentation via main website, subdomains and dedicated websites
  • Ready to use e-commerce for sellers. PayPal integration
  • Safety services: AntiSpam, AntiScam and Copyright protection
  • Personalization, Internalization and Multi-Language support
  • Help and tech-support infrastructure, vBulletin forum integration
SAP Extention Online Catalog with eBusiness services
Enterprise online catalog where the source of the data is SAP / MDM. Online configuration of websites for the different businesses, regions and languages. Complete integration with the SAP Sales and Order Management.
  • Dynamic Content, Taxonomy and Regulatory of drugs. Full size online catalog
  • Advanced Search of products, MSDS, PDF documentation, websites; Dynamic Filters
  • Full e-commerce package with the selling restrictions, sell-to, ship-to, bill-to, buyer combinations, shopping cart, checkout and order processing, eMarketplace integration
  • Globalization and Internalization. One corporate web application, with different content for region centers and local distributed offices
Generic Online Ecommerce
Generic online ecommerce experience allows easy adaptation to your needs. Plugin-able approach.
  • Different types of online accounts
  • Advanced shopping cart
  • Flexible checkout process
  • Calculation of taxes and shipping cost
  • Security of payment transactions
  • Tracking of purchase transaction details
  • History of purchase transactions
PayPal System Integration
Integration of the PayPal payment system into your website. Full range of possibilities:
  • Feature shopping cart and checkout process
  • Different types of checkout processes
  • Subscriptions with recurring payments
  • Data exchange with PayPal
  • Notifications and tracking of transactions
Implementation of Google Checkout
Integration of the Google checkout order processing engine with your website. Full set:
  • Preintegrated custom shopping cart
  • Manual and automated checkout processing
  • Checkout for nonprofit organizations
  • Email invoicing
SAP/R3 Order Process Integration
Complete integration of backend SAP/R3 system including clients' information and order processing with a web application. Over 40 different transactions and points of integration including:
  • Partner combos creation: sell-to, bill-to, ..
  • Product availability, in-stock quantity checks
  • Automated replacement of discontinued product and by suggestions
  • Options for shipping condition of purchase
  • Backorders, partial orders and split delivery
  • Order submission, review and confirmation
  • Order history, etc.
Scam Patrol - the safe way for online sales
Scam Patrol is the unique solution which helps you to spot a suspicious buyer.
  • Finding a real location of a buyer
  • Recognizing the hiding techniques
  • Tracking blacklisted users, emails, regions
  • Scrutinizing behavior and messages of online buyers
  • Estimating the information accuracy
  • Summarizing the performed analyses and making warnings and recommendations
Taxonomy and Browsing
We provide ready to use and flexible adaptive solutions for the browsing of online catalogs
  • Dynamic content of web pages
  • Rich Interface Applications: Adobe Flash and Flex; Web 2.0, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, GWT, YUI, etc.
  • Ready to use breadcrumb objects
  • Personalization of layouts
Search and filtering
Indexing data and documents from a variety of sources such as file systems, internet and intranets, databases, etc.
  • Implementation via database search text engines: Oracle Text, MySql Text
  • High-performance, full-featured text search engine based on Lucene Java
  • Integration of Enterprise Search providers Ultraseek and Autonomy
  • Google Custom Website Search for your website or a collection of websites
Our Internalization solution after implementation allows you to add new regions to your website without additional development
  • Multilanguage support
  • Regional presentation of numbers, currency, time and date
  • Adding of a new region through web based administration console
  • Changing content and layout of the website based on user country and domain name
  • Regional and multilanguage search
  • Automated translation of the web content
Online Map service
Integration and customization of online map services for your needs using API.
  • Google maps, maplets and maps for flash, maps for mobile and static maps
  • Bing maps live, Silverlight an AJAX Interactive SDK-s
Google Apps Marketplace
integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, cloud applications.
Gmail Integration
making your application interact with the Gmail inbox; migration, customization, inbox feed
Calendar Integration
creating and managing of events, calendars; gadgets for Google Calendar; data exchange and customization.
Sites and Documents
customization; enabling your apps to modify content within a Google Site
Google AdSense Integration
programmatically generate ad code snippets for insertion into a publisher's web pages
Google AdWords Integration
build applications that interact directly with the AdWords platform.
Google Analytics Integration
haveing your own client applications that use Analytics data in the form of Google Data API feeds
YouTube Integration
integrating YouTube videos into your website or application
Performance tuning
reaping data without touching applications - AOP; turning of web applications running on WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss; turning of Oracle databases and standalone applications
Application for smartphones
implementing of your idea for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. SysAdmin24x7 is a tool of monitoring of network, servers and web applications via smartphones
migrating of customer specific data between servers, upgrades, applications; synchronization data with repositories; migration over webdav, http, ssh and web services
Data integration, vendor independence and common facade via Web Services (Web Methods and Axis), MQ and HabSpan