• Benefit of SAP MDM
  • Prepare Products
  • Prepare Hierarchies
  • Prepare Relationships

  • Set Business
  • Set Region
  • Set Languages

  • Master Website
  • Branch Websites
  • Regional Websites
  • List of Languages
  • Any Combinations

  • Integration with SAP
  • Order Processing
  • SAP Partners
  • Marketplaces
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Enterprise online catalog where the source of the data is SAP / MDM. Online configuration of websites for the different businesses, regions and languages. Complete integration with the SAP Sales and Order Management.
  • Dynamic Content, Taxonomy and Regulatory of drugs. Full size online catalog
  • Advanced Search of products, MSDS, PDF documentation, websites; Dynamic Filters
  • Full e-commerce package with the selling restrictions, sell-to, ship-to, bill-to, buyer combinations, shopping cart, checkout and order processing, eMarketplace integration
  • Globalization and Internalization. One corporate web application, with different content for region centers and local distributed offices