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Walmart Walmart, Sunnyvale, California
Walmart is an American multinational retailing corporation that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.
Project: Mobile Check-In Store System.
During the time that I worked with InterTAD, I found that InterTAD possessed a great amount of technical focus and had the ability to come up to speed with the complexities of the code in a very short period of time. Our initiative required engineering support during many nights and weekends, and InterTAD made himself available to assist with any number of issues, regardless of day or night. InterTAD was able to investigate and resolve issues that required immediate attention and quick turnaround.
       Sandra Wong
       Project Manager
American Greetings American Greetings, Brooklyn, Ohio
American Greetings Corporation, LLC is the world's largest greeting card company. The company sells paper greeting cards, electronic greeting cards, party products and electronic expressive content.
Project: SAP
As the requirements finalized and changed through the project InterTAD was very supportive to changes and accommodating to our needs. InterTAD's support in knowledge transfer to support staff offshore was beyond what should have been to expectation. InterTAD adapted the work schedule to support the resources in India and helped in what should have been labeled training other than KT.
       Michael Black
       SAP Solution Architect
ES O'Reilly Auto Parts, Springfield, Missouri
O'Reilly Auto Parts is an American auto parts retailer that provides automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the United States serving both the professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers.
Project: Java Development for Retail Point of Sale. More than 4000 shops nationwide.
We have relied on InterTAD for technical design, production debugging and system enhancement. Work has performed accurately. Work was consistent, thorough and complete. Communicates well and delivers good code. We were pleased to have InterTAD part of our team.
       David Alford
       Manager / Tech Lead
ES Inbound Writer, San Mateo, California
Inbound Writer is a software company that specialized in Cloud Service Development. The company focused on making it effortless for writers and marketers to improve online content that they publish.
Project: Cloud-based software of content optimization.
During our work together, I was always impressed by InterTAD's outstanding diligence and high-level technical expertise as well as InterTAD's initiative. InterTAD quickly understands exactly what a problem is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. InterTAD consistently produces superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.
       Rafael Parra Hernandez
       PhD Chief Scientist
Polycom Polycom, Pleasanton, California
Polycom is a multinational corporation with more than 2,700 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of approximately $1 billion. The company manufacturers and sells telepresence and voice communications solutions.
Project: Online Polycom Resource Center.
I would like to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication during the creation, implementation, and roll-out of the new PIM and PAC tools. The enablement of PIM and PAC has the potential to revolutionize Polycom. With this new centralized repository of information, workflow engine, and a portal to distribute this information to partners, resellers, and our sales force we are now able to do many things we could not do before. eBay /, Brisbane, California
eBay is the world's largest online auction and shopping portal. eBay is a worldwide service with hundreds of millions of registered users, about 15,000 members, and revenues of $7.7 billion.
Project: High performance multithread network java application for migration and balance of images among servers.
The project has been completed. 100% in scope. The product was deployed to production. All of my goals were accomplished. The quality of the work exceeded expectations as well as did the technical skills and ability in performing the tasks of the project. The ability to solve problems and be creative when required also exceeds my expectations.
Perficient Perficient, Austin, Texas
Perficient is a leading information technology management consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. Approximately 1,400 full-time professionals serving clients from locations in 18 strategic markets across North America.
Project: Subproject in Master Data Management and Reporting online portal.
It was a real pleasure working with InterTAD. InterTAD team was brought in to help get a project that was significantly at risk back on track. This team consistently went above and beyond to ensure that timelines were met and that the code delivered was of the highest quality. Technical skills exceeded my expectations. Ultimately the project was righted and, due in large part to InterTAD's dedication, the client was satisfied and retained our company for further work.
Art Gallery Worldwide Art Gallery Worldwide, San Jose, California
Art Gallery Worldwide is #1 rated online art gallery. Art Gallery Worldwide provides 5 different accounts, has about 12,000 members, 7,000 artists and 20 grand galleries;
Project: Architecture, Design and Development of an online market web application. Providing application support. Promoting and E-Marketing of the web portal.
InterTad is solely responsible for creating and maintaining the necessary architecture and design for our very intricately detailed needs. Their expertise proves to be effective and pleasurable to work with. Solid framework and prompt solution responses are greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with them here in the near future with all our project needs. We are very grateful for their services and support and we highly recommend them to everyone. InterTad provided all necessary team roles for all of our functions and features. They actually made us number one on the internet.
BD Biosciences    BD Biosciences, San Jose, California
BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD employs over 29,000 associates and has offices in 50 countries worldwide.
Project: E-Business. Representation and Product Sales of the company through the Internet.
This team has been responsible for delivering significant technical solutions over the last several years. As the lead architect and system designer for the BDB eCatalog/iSales application, InterTad has lent expertise to many business-critical projects. The technical solutions are effective and efficient, and I have come to rely on the exceptional sense of how the technical designs take into account how applications will be used in the future. InterTad is always ready to suggest where a new technology could be used to improve a project on which they are working.
NetConstruct    NetConstruct, Los Angeles, California
NetConstruct provides network infostructure and a supported back-end for free internet service of several ISP-s, including NetZero and Juna. More then 1,200,000 users, adding 4,000 new users every day.
Project: Free Internet Service. Performance improvement of web applications. N-tier architecture. Six production servers.
When InterTad started the project for our company, we had about 80,000 users and our system was crashing every 20 minutes at peak moments. At the end of the project we had a solid stable site with 1,200,000 users. Excellent technical skills. Excellent ability to work in a crisis situation.
       Frank Lee
       Project Manager
Thoughtstar    Thoughtstar, Salt Like City, Utah
Thoughtstar provided connection for virtual teams online. "Quick Team" was a site for teams as a service to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to projects by members online.
Project: Java development aspects of "Quick Team".
The technical skills and ability are top-notch here. Furthermore, the drive and focus are quite excellent. The project team worked quite well with me and my team - they’re very easy to get along with. I gave some last-minute extra requirements to fulfill, and they responded perfectly. They let me know how much additional time would be required, and what the ramifications of my changes would be in terms of functionality. The professionalism is quite exceptional. The technical expertise and focus make very effective developers.
       Mark Mudy
       Principal Engineer
PravoVest    PravoVest, Moscow, Russia
PravoVest is the largest distributor of the juridical information in Russia. It supports an informative program for searching and continues updating the whole juridical system in Russia. The company employs 400 associates and has over 5,000 clients.
Project: System of registration. The system for the management of distribution, sales, service, payments and other transactions with clients.
This small team worked with us for over 2 years. The assignment created a complex system for the full processes of our work. This team had great ability to communicate well with our people in complex projects and make ideas from conception all the way to full implementation, seemingly with ease. They can listen and easily fit into any situation. It was a pleasure to work with them because of the high competition and excellent communication skills. I recommend this for solutions to any of your challenging projects.
       Sergey Rumyantsev
Radon    Radon, Moscow, Russia
Radon specializes in the management of radioactive waste. They employ 1,500 associates. Radon has regional systems of waste disposal facilities, which total to 15 plants.
Project: Intra and Internet Site, Monitoring of Radiation in Moscow, Local Radiation Control, Civic Defense Control, Geo Informative System.
The range of the project duties in this period included: design and development of information systems, management with leading roles in several projects. This is a very friendly, reliable and flexible organization which has been willing to work around the clock to complete each task. The team can easily and quickly fit into any work situation. This organization is also highly motivated, possessing excellent balance of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills.
       Vladimir Zubov
       Head of Informatic Department